The Team…


We firmly believe that the ‘TEAM’ – us AND
you – will always achieve more together


We take a slightly different view to most other firms when it comes to the ‘TEAM’. You see, our view is simple: the TEAM comprises of US AND YOU, not just us.

That’s why we work so hard to build a solid relationship with you and all our other clients. It’s what helps set us apart from all other accounting firms.

In fact the TEAM ETHOS we work to is the key ingredient in forging a successful relationship with you.

Having said that, let us introduce ourselves to you. Here’s a brief introduction to the team…


Richard (1)

Richard Baldwyn AAT, CTA
Managing Partner

I’m passionate about making sure my clients pay the least amount of tax.

And I’m in a unique position to make this happen as I’m the proverbial gamekeeper turned poacher.  I previously worked for the taxman before defecting to the other side. I try to avoid discussing my time with HM Revenue in polite conversation as I don’t want to lose any more friends!

But it does mean that I’ve gained a unique insight into the workings of a Tax Inspector’s mind and this has proved particularly useful when dealing with tax enquiries. Since moving into private practice, I’ve qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser. 

During my  years in practice I have dealt with a wide variety of clients ranging from well known entertainers and high net worth individuals to small business owners including professionals such as solicitors and doctors.

I have extensive experience of different types of business including sole traders, partnerships and owner managed limited companies.

I’m heavily focussed on tax planning as well as compliance and I’m constantly working with clients to ensure that their tax bill is kept to a minimum.

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation
Member of the Association of Taxation Technicians

Outside of work:
My favourite hobby is cycling as it keeps me fit and gets me away from my wife and children – a plan with no drawbacks!

But my real passion is music and I always amaze (or is it bore!) everyone with the breadth of my knowledge!



Lesley Baldwyn BSc, FCA
Business Growth Partner

My biggest passion is helping my clients make more money – often by making small changes to the way they run their business.

I graduated from Warwick University in 1987 with a first class honours degree in Accounting and Financial Analysis – it was then that the awful truth struck home – I was a born accountant!

I subsequently passed my accountancy exams with flying colours and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KMPG – one of the biggest accountancy practices in the world.

Over the next six years, I obtained invaluable experience working on a diverse selection of clients ranging from sole traders right up to large plcs.  My experience also covers many different industries including manufacturing, engineering, retail and services.

As well as this experience, I also worked in KPMG’s training department developing and delivering training on a wide variety of subjects (not just accounting!).  This experience has proved invaluable when developing the training programmes which I give to clients.

I also spent a number of years working in industry including working on Wall Street as a VP of a division of a major bank – but that doesn’t make me a banker!

I was also Finance Director for a subsidiary of a major FTSE 100 company.

I therefore have the knowledge and extensive commercial expertise at my fingertips to add value to the services I provide. I look to continually ensure that the services I provide are anything other than “routine”!

Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

Outside of work:
My favourite hobby is reading which is coupled with her least favourite hobby of going to the gym!

I’m also kept on my toes by my two sons who run me ragged!

Pet hate: school holidays!